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          • Company introduction

            Dongguan Yaodong Machinery Manufacturing Co., LTD is a high-tech enterprise that specializes in designing and manufacturing automatic screen printing machine, hot stamping machine, labeling machine and the peripheral equipment related. The R&D Team is over 20 years industrial experience, adhering to expertise, efficiency, honesty, win-win is our philosophy, committed to create value for customer and offer comprehensive solution. Professional technology leads to our success; we will continue to innovate to promote the automation and intelligence of products, continuous to provide high quality, stable and high performance products and supporting solution.  

          • Application

            Our production focuses on the global market of direct printing onto different shape and material packaging containers, we have below machines:
            Automatic screen printing with UV curing machine
            Automatic hot stamping machine
            Automatic labelling machine
            Automatic heat transfer printing machine
            Pad printing machine
            Print quality, reliability and productivity make Yaodong printing machines the preferred choice in China.

          • R&D capabilities

            Yaodong machinery has in-house facility for design of machinery, components and new products on SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software. We engineer original innovative designs to solve customer’s printing problems. 

          • Quality control

            Quality control starts right from raw material selection and inspection. An incoming inspection department checks the various parameters of parts procured from quality vendors to ensure smooth manufacturing. All the electric and pneumatic units are imported from Japan, European, and USA. Most accessories are processed by CNC. Use high precise rulers for assembly. Constant improvement for increasing our operational efficiency to ensure timely delivery of our machines.

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