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          About Us
          Offer screen printer,pad printer,labelling,hot stamping machine, heat transfer printing machine...
          Setting the standard for innovation, quality and service.
          • Extensive experience
            25 years experience, reasonable structure design
          • High quality raw material
            Electric and pnuematic units are from Japan, European, USA...
          • Precision processing
            All accessories are processed by CNC
          • Keep pace with the times
            Highly matched control program
          • Customization
            Machines can be personalized & customized to your specific needs
          Printed Products
          Yaodong machines are able to decorate on different products with screen printing, hot stamping, pad printing, labelling & heat transfer printing, such as tubes, caps, bottles, labels etc.
          Brands We Print
          Copyright      2019 Dongguan Yaodong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd All rights reserved   粤ICP备:18123456 Website:Heyou
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